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What are the differences between RUBRI Fiber Cement Board and Calcium Silicate Board

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(Summary description)

What are the differences between RUBRI Fiber Cement Board and Calcium Silicate Board

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-04 15:21
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Calcium silicate board and RUBRI fiber cement board both are new energy-saving and environmental protection building materials, which have excellent characteristics of fire prevention, corrosion prevention, moisture-proof, light weight and high strength.


Calcium silicate board is a new environmental protection building material, which is mainly made of Portland cement as cementitious material, quartz powder, calcium oxide as aggregate, plant fiber as reinforcement material, through pulping, embryo forming, autoclave curing in high temperature, high pressure and high humidity environment. The board has excellent characteristics of light weight, high strength, fire resistance and corrosion resistance. It has been widely used in all kinds of buildings.


Min Characteristics of Calcium silicate board:

  1. Easy to process

Calcium silicate board has large specification. It can be cut into multiple sizes and shapes at will, and has strong practicability. It can also be used as a sound-absorbing component through perforation, used for sound-absorbing ceiling or partition wall, with rich functions.

Calcium silicate board

  1. Mould and insect proof

The main raw materials of calcium silicate board are inorganic, such as Portland cement and quartz sand. It will not mildew or grow bacteria, thus have the characteristics of moth and termite prevention.


  1. Green environmental protection

Calcium silicate board is made of natural raw materials, 100% free of asbestos, formaldehyde or other harmful substances, no radioactivity, and has obtained "China environmental mark product certification".


RUBRI Fiber cement board is a new type of high-performance environmental protection board based on high-performance cement, which is produced by the latest fully automatic slurry process with Rubri's independently developed condensate as reinforcement modifier. It is mainly used in the interior and exterior wall panels, floor panels, roof panels, etc. of light steel house. It is A-class non combustible, super waterproof, and can be directly painted, tiled, etc. It has high strength, durability, insect and mildew resistance. It is the best choice to replace the traditional panels such as OSB, and the comprehensive cost of wall materials and construction can be reduced by about 30%.






Min Characteristics of RUBRI Fiber cement board:

 Fiber cement board

  1. Good Fire resistance performance

According to the inspection of the authority, the fire resistant performance has reached A-level. The flame lasts for 0 seconds, 800 ℃ without burning and 1800 ℃ without flame. The partition system made of high-quality keel has a fire resistance limit of more than 3 hours. When burning in the fire, it can absorb a lot of heat energy and delay the temperature rise of the surrounding environment.


  1. Excellent Waterproof performance

In dry, cold and humid weather, the performance is consistent. The water absorption is less than 18%, and the water content is less than 7%, which can be adapted to outdoor rain, wind and sun, without softening, deformation and other focus symptoms.


3.High Strength performance

Dense alkali resistant glass fiber cloth and good toughness plant fiber make the plate structure compact, stable and not deformed. It has excellent performance in impact resistance, compression resistance, tensile resistance and fracture resistance, both rigid and flexible. The air dry impact strength is more than 46kJ /㎡, the water saturated impact strength is more than 25KJ /㎡, the air dry bending strength is more than 16MPa, and the water saturated bending strength is 14MPa.


  1. Environmental protection and health

Using inorganic cementitious materials, having no asbestos, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, smoke-free, non-toxic, no smell in case of fire. In the production process, natural maintenance, low energy consumption, no pollutant emission. In the process of construction, it is easy to saw and cut, without fracture, and economical.


  1. Economical and practical

The product quality is stable and reliable. Compared with the wood plate, it has the ultimate cost performance, stable structure, moderate price, excellent processing and installation performance. It can be pasted, cut, nailed, drilled and painted. It has superior toughness and is not easy to break. It can be installed quickly by using self tapping nails, shooting nails and straight nails at will, and can be operated by wet and dry methods.


  1. Sound insulation

The superior sound insulation performance ensures the quiet and elegant indoor environment. According to the authoritative determination of the acoustic laboratory of National Ocean University of Taiwan, the air sound insulation sound of 12mm fiber cement board + 92mm C-shaped keel + 60K rock wool partition system is 52dB, and its unique nano pore structure is incomparable to other dense wooden boards.



The unique smooth surface and “Litchi peel” surface provide customers with multi-functional and diverse choices. The smooth surface can be pasted with aluminum-plastic plate, wood facing, wood skin, PVC, spray paint or emulsion paint; the “Litchi peel” surface can be pasted with ceramic tile, marble, granite, spray stone paint. Fiber cement board has a strong affinity for the above materials, which can be processed in the field or used again.


  1. Unique performance

The steel is passivated in alkaline environment and will not rust. Therefore, in the actual use process, it can increase the strength of hot-dip galvanized sheet and slow down the corrosion of cold galvanized sheet. So as to extend the overall service life of light steel house.


To sum up: on the raw material of the product, the calcium silicate board aggregate contains calcium oxide, and the fiber cement board aggregate mainly consists of fly ash, calcium carbide mud and other siliceous materials. On the product appearance, the calcium silicate board is mainly gray white, and the fiber cement board is mainly dark gray.

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